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OurĀ Big Tree Terrace, fitted into an old frangipangi tree, just steps from the beach, offers spectacular views under the stars while eating BBQ dinners. Weather permitting come relax and enjoy the breathtaking colours of the sunset with the sound of the waves as background music. The ambiance is understated, yet romantic.

We take pride in offering seafood caught daily by our local fishermen from the island and not from farms.

For a truly romantic experience why not distance yourself from the rest of the world and let our team arrange a romantic dinner beneath the stars under the canopy of the Big Tree in the resort garden. Your personal chef and waiter will ensure you have everything you need for a truly magical experience you will remember forever!!!


Or why not let us take you to the small Island of Koh Nok, about 15 minutes from our resort by traditional longtail. Here you can enjoy a romantic sunset and beach walk while we prepare a barbeque for you with ingredients tailored to your taste. A truly unforgettable experience!


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Koyao Island Resort

Koyao Island Resort
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