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Pum Pui Southern Thai Cuisine


As you may already be aware, the culture of Thailand places great importance on food and the enjoyment of it. Eating is viewed as an integral part of social life.

Our menu has been designed to give you the opportunity to experience the Thai style of eating and sharing food. Much like with Tapas in Spanish culture, the size of our portions allows you to taste many different preparations in one sitting.

You may notice that Thais are always dining in groups with their family and friends. A variety of prepared items is placed in the center of the table and shared 'family style', with everyone relishing small bites of their favorite dishes.

As a Thai kitchen uses a large variety of flavors and ingredients we have separated the menu into five different main tastes, all of which work together to create a full Thai meal experience. A complete Thai menu would typically contain a spicy item, a plate with a sweet palate, a salty plate, a sour portion for refreshment, and a milder dish to neutralise the palate.

The portions are not large in order for you to taste the different dishes, so we recommend that you order 2-3 items per person for a fuller experience.

Bon Appétit - or as they say in Thai “tan ahaan hai aroi!”

Free tuk tuk pick-up service between Six Senses and Pasai Beach
Reservations are recommended: call +66 76 597 474  or +66 65 64 000 64 (WhatsApp / LINE)

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